Coriolis Technologies was founded in 2005, in the vibrant Indian city of Pune. Since then, we have helped many customers negotiate the challenging journey from idea to product. We have also ventured on that path ourselves with the Colama suite of products.

Why Coriolis

Technology Partnership

Unlike most in the software services industry, we don't offer just an instruction-driven offshore engineering team. Customers achieve much more than lower costs of development - they find in us a technology partner. Our services span the entire concept-to-completion product development life cycle.


We have a deep talent pool, with many senior engineers who have worked in architect level positions at enterprise software companies. They have contributed not just to engineering but innovation and IP generation. Their ideas have found their way into many of our customers' patent portfolios.

Integrated QA & Performance Services

We believe in tightly coupling quality and performance engineering along with product development. Our testing team and development team work hand in hand during a typical project execution phase. Further, on every project, we invest significantly in a focused effort on defining and meeting performance metrics throughout the development cycle.

Work Environment

We take pride in being a flat organization with a very open culture. We understand and encourage the urge to explore. Flexi-time to us is not an euphemism for "live in the office".

Leadership Team

  • Basant Rajan Chief Executive Officer / CEO

    Basant has over 20 years of industry experience, combining research and technology skills with a talent for incubating teams. He was the CTO of Symantec India and headed the SRL (Symantec Research Labs) where he was responsible for sustaining and fostering innovation. He was a founder member of the Patent Filter committee and himself a contributor to Symantec’s IP programs with a number of patents in the storage domain. Basant oversaw the offshoring of several large projects in Symantec, and headed the Storage Foundation group. He started his career as a file system engineer, working on key features of the industry standard VERITAS file system.

    He holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Bombay. His technical interests include storage technology, parallel processing, distributed systems, real-time systems, formal languages and logic.

  • Barnali Ganesh Chief Operating Officer / COO

    Barnali co-founded Coriolis Technologies in 2005 and has overseen its growth from inception. She has built several teams for technology companies, which contributed significantly to their core IP in the areas of storage, databases, security and virtualization. Barnali has over 14 years industry experience, and was a Technical Manager in Persistent Systems Ltd, one of Pune's largest software services companies, where she was responsible for seeding and scaling out large teams for US-based technology startups.

    Barnali holds a Masters in Industrial Engineering with a degree in Electrical Engineering.

  • Samir Desai Technical Director

    Samir has been deep into computers and software for more than 14 years. A true engineer, he is equally at home with power tools (of the drill and circular saw variety) and operating systems (of the Solaris, Linux, AIX and FreeBSD variety) Samir has a very strong storage and OS background, and has worked on the industry standard VERITAS file system for many years. He was responsible for architecting the Metadata Server of the next generation clustered storage platform at Symantec. He holds many patents and was a member of Symantec's Patent filter committee.

    Samir holds a Masters in Computer Science and Engineering from the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore.

  • Ganesh Varadarajan Technical Director

    Ganesh has over 14 years of experience in building enterprise software products. Starting as a kernel engineer working on the VERITAS file system, he has gone on to manage several teams building cutting edge storage software products for VERITAS and Symantec. His strong technical skills complement his ability to manage and deliver complex software products. He holds several patents and was a member of Symantec's Patent filter committee.

    Ganesh has a Masters in Computer Science and Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay

  • Lal Samuel Varghese Technical Director

    Lal has over 20 years of industry experience in both technical and managerial roles, but he is still very much hands-on and likes to describe himself as a programmer. Over the years he has worked for Motorola, Hewlett Packard and SAP Business Objects on a wide range of technologies starting from Embedded tools, Compilers, Kernel Debuggers and HP-UX Operating System to Business Intelligence Platform, Java Technologies and Storage. He has several US patents to his credit.

    Lal holds a Masters in Computer Science and Engineering from the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore.

  • Sinoj Mullangath Technical Director

    Sinoj has been driving the creative bus for over 25 years in the user experience field, building teams and helping them come up with creative ways to solve problems, centered around humans.

    He was the head of user experience (UX) in Symantec/ Veritas, lead India UX team for enterprise offerings on data center management, ran Experience Design Studio working on the UX Future Horizons, planned Rapid Design Labs and Design Thinking Workshops. He was also a member of India Innovation Council and Symantec Patent Filter Committee and holds multiple UI patents at USPTO.

    He is a post graduate in Product Design from Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi. He specializes in design thinking education/ training, rapid design labs, innovation acceleration, UX POC, design patents and storytelling.