Labs simplified

Colama MyCourse: Lesson = video + virtual lab
Colama RDE: Low cost managed desktops
Colama Lab Manager: KVM-based virtual lab


Explore VMDKs in the browser

Open Source
Mount VM images
Preview text and image files
Download selected files to desktop


unix the cloud

Cloud data like Facebook friends are "files"
Unix-like CLI environment
Create pipelines to process, display files

Ideas, Experiments, Products

These are some of our products and experiments, in various stages of completeness.

  • The Colama suite of products delivers the benefits of virtualization to educational and small business environments.

    Colama MyCourse is a computer education solution which enables text and video training material to be combined with a virtual lab specified and tailored to the training material. For instance, a lesson on Linux network management accompanied by a set of virtual machines setup and installed with the necessary software. This enables students to practically try out what they have learned, in an exact copy of the lab environment envisioned by the educator.

    Colama RDE is a low-cost diskless desktop solution for student labs and small offices. The RDE server provides a managed network boot environment, which provides boot images to modern thin clients powerful enough to run client operating systems. Centralized management of the boot images lowers administrative operating costs, while using low power thin clients as desktops reduces capital and operating costs.

    Colama Lab Manager is a KVM-based private cloud solution. It provides state of the art capabilities like image inspection and storage layering. Leverage the advantages of the cloud while maintaining complete centralized control of your infrastructure. Simple customized workflows allow for ease of management. Our internal infrastructure is implemented on it.

  • VMXRay

    VMXRay is an open-source web app that lets you explore VMDK, VDI, VHD, QCOW2 and other virtual machine and disk images right in your browser. You can look through the contents of the VMDK with a GUI folder interface, preview text and image files and download selected files to your desktop.

    As it is a web app, there is no need to install software or boot up the VM. Moreover, it is a pure client-side app, which runs completely within the browser with - no user data is sent over the net to a server

    VMXRay is open-source, and uses Emscripten to compile a ton of C code to Javascript. This is a new and very promising way to deliver complex apps with a C/C++ codebase to the browser, an OS-independent platform.

    Check it out!

  • Pigshell is a web app providing a Unix-like CLI environment to converse with your cloud data in an exploratory style, composing commands with simple commands and pipes to process files. It occupies the same evolutionary niche as the Unix shell and shell-scripting - everyday, casual programming.

    Your data on Facebook, Picasa, Google Drive are exposed as files. For instance, your friends show up as files under the directory /facebook/friends. You can see a list of your friends using the command ls /facebook/friends/ and plot them on a map using ls /facebook/friends/ | map

    Pigshell is a pure client-side app, ensuring user privacy. It is still under development.

    Check it out!