As early adopters and contributors to the virtualization ecosystem, Coriolis is well placed to help businesses leverage the power of the cloud. Here's how we can help.

Product Development

SaaS-ify your product

As more and more businesses move to the public cloud, ISVs need to make their software easily available and consumable there. We can help you convert your host-based software stack into a soft appliance which can be made available at stores like the Amazon Marketplace.

Cloud-based products and solutions

We have considerable experience in creating virtualization-based product stacks for specific use cases. Look through our Products page for more details.

Leverage open source

We encourage our customers to use open source software for commoditized components and focus development on the really key differentiating features. This approach dramatically cuts down cost and time-to-market, and is especially recommended for prototyping and exploring new market spaces.

We are well aware of licensing issues associated with some open source licenses and can advise our customers on their IP protection strategy in the increasingly common case involving integration of components with different licensing terms.


Cloud Migration

We help businesses move their in-house production stack to the public cloud. In this regard, we provide complete end to end services to deploy, maintain and test your applications on public clouds such as Amazon AWS, Azure and Rackspace.

Infrastructure Management

We also help customers to manage in-house infrastructure in a cost effective way, by migrating their existing servers into a private cloud.